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achter de horizonnen

Achter de Horizonnen, 2023

Culturally specific folklore haunts Anne as her research subject. Anne looks bravely at what haunts her and digs into it with the tools of cultural analysis, philosophy and rituals. She convenes a community that helps her to approach her subject with an extra force. Her own anger and trauma serve as research material. Acknowledging the abusive practices within Neptune baptism rituals in former DDR, Anne embarks on a journey to exorcise the evil out of maritime bodies. The traumatic experiences are illuminated as both individual and collective memories, as something that undergoes a therapeutic treatment through the poetics of an artistic performance. Anne played out a format of a spatial installation consisting of many elements, mostly made of recycled materials. She displayed a mastery of commanding an install of a rather large space that looked like a gazebo, a therapy-cabinet and an art gallery. Sculptural gestures encased filmed material. Anne situates herself in the intersection of philosophy, flâneuse travelogues and feminist theory. She does not insert herself as a conclusions-making subject, she rather shakes it all up – like artists do. – Raimundas Malašauskas

The Dutch title plays on the inaccessibility of translation. The plurality of horizon does not exist, so horizons become suns.